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Save Your Name! Get your name Registered on Social Media so that your Advertising isn’t Going to Someone Else.

Start Fast and Easy with your Web Site published for Easy Design and Edit on Joomla, WordPress, or similar. It’s so easy you can even update it yourself.

How to get a Free Shopping Cart, most charge Hundreds and Thousands!

When you Want to Upbeat to Custom Web and Graphics we have that Too.

Also, Monthly Packages for the best Help When You Need It! What happens at Bizstry stays at Bizstry.

Web Site, Why Wait?

Content Publishing, Web Site, Host, Template, Joomla, WordPress, Other CMS, Promotion and Social Media

Package $300 –  Save on a package deal!  A $480 value for just $300. Setup, Template, Content, Names, Promotion, Social Media, Advertising.
Ala Carte

Setup $40 –  Registered on a free host like blogger, wordpress, web, wix. Also, help with pay host.

Template $40 –  Selecting a free web site template and background.

Content $40 –  Publishing your web site content. Usually 3 to 5 hours.

Names $40 –  Picking domain names, brand names, products and services names for your online presence.

Promotion $40 –  Promote your web site on search engines.

Social Media $40 –  Register your name on social media networking sites. Facebook, Pinterest, tumblr, twitter, etc

Advertising $40 –  Setup your ad campaigns on adwords or bing ads.

Other $40 –  Other charges might involve: Publishing for templates, Custom templates, Custom style sheets, Custom Graphics, Domain name bulk searches, Trade name searches, Trip Charges. Charges are for an hour.

eCommerce $40 –  Setup your eCommerce systems and shopping cart. PayPal, eBay, ccBill, Credit Cards, etc.

Custom Web Design $40 –  Custom web layout and graphics for web sites and shopping carts. Usually 50 hours or more.

Custom Web Package $2000 –  Custom web layout and graphics for web sites and shopping carts. Usually 50 hours or more discount package. A more than $2500 value.


Consulting Hourly $40 –  Hourly consulting rate. Technology agnostic to find the best solution for you.

Monthly Package – Get the help you need when you Need It? Make a monthly plan for dependability.

Bronze – $350

15 Hours Per Month
Silver – $550

20 Hours Per Month
Gold – $750

25 Hours Per Month